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BOOKS FOR Practicing Korean

suitable for all levels

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Learn Handwriting

Practice Korean cursive and learn how to improve your handwriting.

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Learn Grammar

Learn and practice Korean grammar in a simple, structured way.

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Make your own sentences

Given fun, natural conversation prompts, try writing your own answers in Korean. 

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Read + Listen to a Podcast

Made in collaboration with A Piece of Korean.

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Word Games

Have fun with Korean Wordfinds, Crosswords, and more!

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Short Stories

Practice your reading, listening, vocab & grammar skills with these fun short stories.


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Katarina Pollock


Chelsea Guerra


Yujin Kim


The Gooseapple Books team is made up of three people: Chelsea, Katarina, and Yujin.


Chelsea and Katarina have been studying Korean for a collective almost 20 years. We have both lived in Korea and fallen in love with the language and the country. 

We're a team that's passionate about language-learning.

Chelsea & Katarina bring the Korean learner perspective, while Yujin brings the native speaker perspective.


Together we've endeavored to create fun and unique books to practice writing that builds confidence and familiarity with the Korean language.

We hope you like them! ^^

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