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How well can you read Korean handwriting?

With most textbooks, you only ever see Korean written in basic computer fonts.
This can look very different from Korean when it's written by native speakers.

This book makes it easy

First, we'll teach each of the Hangeul letters just as Korean children learn them in school: starting with the proper stroke order.

Once you've got that down, we'll give you several common variations of the way that letter can appear depending on the unique style of the person writing.

We show you real tips and shortcuts that native speakers use to write more quickly and fluidly.

You'll see Standard, Handwritten, & Lazy Styles for each consonant and vowel.

Take your handwriting to the next level

Don't just learn basic writing styles. Learn and practice all kinds of handwriting variations that will take your personal handwriting style to the next level.

And you won't just be spicing up your own writing style. Once you learn these style variations you'll start recognizing them everywhere!

Available in Paperback on Amazon and PDF on our website.

Korean Handwriting: Consonants & Vowels [PDF]

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