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Practice your listening

With Korean Through Podcasts

Made in collaboration with A Piece of Korean!

Gooseapple Books have teamed up with professional Korean teachers 'A Piece of Korean'

(한국어 한 조각)  to bring you a book based on their podcast.

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Learning with podcasts...

Listening to a podcast is a great way to learn a language.

But without a script, sometimes it's hard to follow what people are saying, especially if they talk quickly or use slang.

A Book + A Podcast

Gooseapple Books and A Piece of Korean have teamed up to make a book to help you fully comprehend the podcast episodes.

Each chapter focuses on one 5-10 minute episode.

Each chapter includes:

  • A full script

  • A key vocab list & some short grammar notes

  • Some comprehension questions

  • Some speaking and writing practice exercises

  • A natural English translation


Professional Teachers

A Piece of Korean are professional Korean teachers.

They actively teach in Korea and have a YouTube channel with over 15,000 subscribers.

They know how to speak simply, but naturally, in order to help learners understand.

Also, because each podcast is only a few minutes, it's very accessible to Korean learners.

Perfect Level

Listening is one of the hardest skills to practice when you're self-studying.

You want to find materials that aren't too difficult and aren't too long, but are still natural.

This book is at the perfect level for intermediate students who know a fair amount of Korean, but want more exposure to the language.

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Listen to A Podcast

The first podcast in the book is about New Year's resolutions.

Check it out by following the link below!

Korean Script

자, 오늘은 새해 목표, new year's resolution에 대해서 이야기를 해 보려고 해요.

여러분, 새해 목표는 다들 잘 세우셨나요?
한국의 한 조사 기관에서 성인 남녀를 대상으로 새해 목표에 대해서 설문조사를 실시했는데요.

결과를 보니까 2021년을 맞아서 사람들이 세운 목표는 다음과 같대요.


먼저 1위를 차지한 것은 이직과 취업이에요. 아무래도 경제가 어려우니까 취업하는 것이 목표인 사람들이 많은 것 같아요. 


그리고 직장을 옮기고 싶은 사람들도 참 많네요.

그 다음으로...


Read the full script in the book!

English Script

Okay, today we're going to talk about New Year's goals and resolutions. 


Did you all set your goals for the new year?
A Korean research institute surveyed adult men and women on their New Year's resolutions.

According to the results, the goals people set for 2021 are as follows:

First, the top result was changing jobs and employment. The economy has been difficult, so I think that's why so many people are trying to find jobs.


And there were also a lot of people looking to change jobs.
After that was...


Read the full translation in the final book!

Bonus Materials

The book also comes with...

A Piece of Korean Podcast simple v3k5.jpg

Key vocab in bold

Some advanced grammar briefly explained

Vocab & Grammar

Key vocab is listed and highlighted in bold.

This way you can easily find the where the key words were used in the script.

There are also several more intermediate/advanced grammar forms highlighted.

A short explanation of these forms is used to assist your understanding.

Comprehension Questions

Test your comprehension of the podcast by answering comprehension questions.

These questions are multiple choice, and are written entirely in Korean.

You'll have to rely on your Korean knowledge to understand and answer these questions correctly!

A Piece of Korean Podcast simple v3k6.jpg

Multiple choice questions


A Piece of Korean Podcast simple v3k7.jpg

Two speaking prompts

One writing prompt

Speaking & Writing Practice

At the end of the chapter, there are some activities designed to get you thinking in Korean.

There are two speaking prompts to try answering out loud or with a language partner.

There is also a writing prompt where you can write your own paragraph.

This turns passive learning into active learning.

Get Inspired

We Say...

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"This book was such a joy and an honor to make. Even though I've been learning Korean for years, I learned something new in every episode. The teachers are warm, personable, and easy to listen to. They speak entirely in Korean, yet I found pieces of myself in every chapter. I loved it. I can honestly say that I would use this book to study Korean myself."
- Katarina, Gooseapple Books
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"I'm always on the lookout for Korean podcasts that I can study with and use for listening practice, but the ones I find tend to be either too long, or mostly in English. So I was thrilled to find A Piece of Korean - it's just perfect! The episodes are all around 10 minutes, easy and fun to listen to, and entirely in Korean. And now with this book, so many other students will be able to enjoy accompanying scripts, activities, and cultural notes as well. I feel so honored to have had this opportunity to create a book with A Piece of Korean that will help listeners get even more out of their podcasts."
- Chelsea, Gooseapple Books
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