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What's included in the grammar workbook?

beginner-friendly lessons

fun, varied activities

hundreds of practice exercises

What makes it unique?

Writing a Diary


See guided answers

In the answer section, we don't just tell you the right answers. We take the time to explain why it's the right answer, anticipating questions that we know you'll have.


Learn sentence-building

Too many grammar workbooks teach you grammar in isolation. 

In this book, after learning new grammar, you always look at ways it can be combined with grammar you've learned before. This way you're continuously improving your skills and learning to write longer, more developed sentences.


Use free vocab flashcards

We support learning grammar and vocab in parallel. This book starts simple, only introducing a few vocabulary words at a time. As you progress through the book, more vocab words are added in bit-by-bit.

All these vocab words are also in free flash card decks on Quizlet, so you can practice vocab anywhere, anytime.

Guided answers

"The correct answer is C."​

As a learner, sometimes you want to know why the answer is C. 

Why isn't it A, B, or D?

In this book, we take the time to explain the why.

Why does this answer not make sense?

Why should I write my answer this way?

Why is this sentence more natural?

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Learn Sentence-Building

​~고 싶다
~지 않다
~에 가다

We believe in making books that don't just teach grammar, but also help you build and improve your skills

When you use these books, we show you how to take all the pieces and put them together to make more developed sentences.

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Use Free Flashcards

Easily learn your first 500 Korean words.

The grammar workbook comes with free vocab flashcards for you to use and enjoy. 

Chapter List


  • ~은/는 Topic Particle

  • ~이/가 Subject Particle

  • ~은/는 vs ~이/가

  • ~을/를 Object Particle

  • ~이/가 vs ~을/를 

  • 제가/저는/제

  • "You" in Korean

  • Asking Questions in Korean

  • N~이에요/예요

  • N~(이/가) 아니에요

  • Present Tense ~아/어요 

  • 하다 Verbs

  • ~이/가 + Descriptive Verbs

  • ~을/를 + Action Verbs

  • Action vs Descriptive Verbs

  • Vocabulary Review!



  • A/V~았/었다 Past Tense

  • A/V~(으)ㄹ 것이다 Future Tense

  • Verb Conjugation Table

  •  안 A/V

  • A/V~지 않다

  • 못 V

  •  V~지 못 하다

  • V~는 것

  • Place~에 가다/오다

  • Place~(으)로

  • Numbers

  • Times of the day

  • Days of the week

  • Dates

  • Time~에 V

  • N~에 V

  • N~에서 & N~까지

  • N~부터 & N~까지

  • N~에서 Particle

  • N~들

  • N~도

  • N~만

  • Vocabulary Review! 


  • The ㅂ Irregular  

  • The ㄷ Irregular  

  • The ㄹ Irregular 

  • The 으 Irregular  

  • The 르 Irregular  

  • The ㅅ Irregular  

  • V~고 싶다 

  • N~와/과, N~(이)랑, N~하고 

  • 잘 & 잘 못 V

  • A~ㄴ/은/는 N 

  • V~고 있다 

  • 아직  

  • 누구, 무엇, 언제, 어디, 왜 & 어떻게  

  • 그리고, 그래서 & 하지만  

  • A/V~고 N~(이)고   

  • A/V~지만, N~(이)지만  

  • A/V~아/어서 N(이)라서  

  • Words of Frequency  

  • 더 & 덜  

  • N~보다  

  • N~(으)로  

  • 보통, 주로 & 평소에  

  • A/V~(으)면  

  • V~기 시작하다  

  • 처음(으로)  


  • The ㅎ Irregular

  • Colors

  • A/V~ㄹ/을 때, N 때

  • V~(으)면서, N(이)면서

  • V~(으)며

  • V~는 동안, N 동안

  • V~거나, N(이)나

  • N~의

  • 가장 & 제일

  • V~는 N

  • V~(으)ㄴ N

  • V~(으)ㄹ N

  • V~아/어 보다

  • V~(으)ㄴ 적이 있다/없다

  • N 때문에

  • A/V~기 때문에

  • V~(으)ㄹ 수 있다/없다

  • A/V~(았/었)으면 좋겠다

  • N~께/에게/한테

  • V~(으)세요

  • A/V~지 마세요

  • V~아/어 주다

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One textbook

When you use our books, we will only ever ask you to buy one textbook.


This one textbook (Conversational Korean Grammar) has all the essential grammar you need to be conversational in Korean.

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