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The aim of this book
The aim of this book is to give you practice with intermediate Korean grammar and vocabulary.
It is designed to pair with the grammar textbook; Conversational Korean Grammar. Every lesson from the grammar textbook has an accompanying practice chapter in this grammar workbook.

Who is this book for?
This workbook is for people in the middle of their Korean language journey.
It is for people who wish to build up their grammar and vocabulary skills so that they can effectively build longer, more developed sentences in Korean.

What do I need to use this book?
You should know how to read and write the Korean alphabet (한글). This book does not use romanization.
This book also builds on information covered in the first two workbooks (Level One and Level Two).
This workbook can be used on its own, but it's designed to pair with our grammar textbook Conversational Korean Grammar.

What is included in this book?
This book includes a variety of grammar exercises and activities.
These activities include:

  • Grammar conjugation activities: correctly conjugate grammar forms onto various nouns/verbs
  • Picture activities: make short sentences given some picture
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Korean → English translation
  • English → Korean translation
  • Dictation: write down what you hear
  • Reading exercises: practice your reading comprehension by reading a short excerpt. Use the grammar and vocab bank to aid your understanding.
  • Korean paragraphs: we show you a native speaker's answer to a conversational question. We break down the grammar and vocabulary to aid your understanding.
  • Korean comics: enjoy hand-drawn comics describing a natural interaction in Korean. We break down the grammar and vocabulary to aid your understanding.

Lesson List:

  • The ㅎ Irregular
  • Colors
  • A/V~ㄹ/을 때, N 때
  • V~(으)면서, N(이)면서
  • V~(으)며
  • V~는 동안, N 동안
  • V~거나, N(이)나
  • N~의
  • 가장 & 제일
  • V~는 N
  • V~(으)ㄴ N
  • V~(으)ㄹ N
  • V~아/어 보다
  • V~(으)ㄴ 적이 있다/없다
  • N 때문에
  • A/V~기 때문에
  • V~(으)ㄹ 수 있다/없다
  • A/V~(았/었)으면 좋겠다
  • N~께/에게/한테
  • V~(으)세요
  • A/V~지 마세요
  • V~아/어 주다

Level Three Workbook [PDF]

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