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Understand Korean Grammar

With Conversational Korean Grammar

Easy to understand explanations

Short chapters


Comprehensive Input


The benefits of having a textbook

There is a wealth of information out there on the internet. Enough that it can be overwhelming at times. 

Where do I start? What should I learn first?

Get structure

It's important to have some structure to your language learning. 

A textbook gives you a solid staring point, allowing you to have a clear path forward.

Each step is succinct and tangible, allowing you to feel your progress


Each chapter builds on what you've learned before.

As you progress through the book, your skills develop in tandem with the language complexity.

This way, you're always moving forward and continually building on your skills.


Written by non-native speakers

Why should you consider learning from non-native speakers?

Well, non-native speakers are walking the same path you are. We come from the same language background and we think in similar ways.

Non-native speakers are well equipped to address issues before they arise, because we can predict the questions you have - plus, be able to explain the answers in a way that makes sense to an English-speaking brain. 

Benefits of learning from non-native speakers

Some advantages of learning from non-native speakers


We speak your language

We come from the same common language background and we think in similar ways.


We understand common issues

There a common mistakes that come from learning Korean with an English-speaking brain. Being English speakers ourselves, we know what those mistakes are and we know how to fix them.


We can anticipate questions

When something is challenging, we can anticipate the questions you have because at some point, we have probably had those same questions ourselves.


We're walking the same path

We have already walked the path that you are now walking. We can help you not only learn the language, but learn how to learn the language.

Meet the Authors

Who wrote this book?

Years of experience

Together, we have over 20 years of experience with the Korean language.

We are passionate about helping others enjoy learning Korean just as much as we have.


What makes this book unique

What makes this book unique is that it comes from a learner's perspective.

We focus on explaining things in a way that makes sense for English speakers.

As a beginner, this can be extremely helpful to your language learning - making it easier, and more enjoyable.


Is this book all I'll ever need?

It's always good to learn from more than one resource.


This is probably not the only Korean book you will buy in your Korean language journey. It might not even be the only Korean grammar book you buy.

But this book is a great starting point for beginners who wish to learn Korean.

How does It work?

Grammar Reference

This book is designed to cover essentially all the grammar you need to use our other books, including Writing Conversational Korean.

Level One B7.jpg

Simple grammar introduction

Grammar heading

Level One B7.jpg

Example sentences

Conjugation rules

Action verbs, 

descriptive verbs 

and nouns explained

Grammar Support

See conjugation rules and example sentences that show the grammar used in practice.

Use this book alongside other books whenever you need to check up on your grammar.

understand the differences

See contrasts and comparisons between similar grammar forms. Understand their similarities and differences in comparison tables and example sentences.

Level One B10.jpg

Comparison table

Example sentences to illustrate differences

Level One B1110.jpg

References to related pages

Common mistake explained

learn common mistakes

See common mistakes that Korean learners make, and how to avoid them.

have your questions answered

With years of teaching and tutoring experience, we know the common questions that learners have.

We can anticipate the questions you have, and answer them in this book.

Level One B116.jpg

Common questions answered

pg 44.png

Practice problems

Upside-down answers

test your understanding

Complete practice exercises to test your understanding of the grammar lesson.

Practice listening

All of the example sentence have accompanying audio tracks spoken my native speakers.


The chapters alternate male and female speakers.

Listen to the tracks to practice your listening skills, or shadow them to improve your speaking skills.

pg 55.jpg

QR code to audio recordings

A Book that Grows with you

This book is split into five levels.

Level One includes only the most essential grammar, but later levels

take what you learned in Level One and builds upon it, expanding and developing your Korean sentences naturally.

If you learn all the grammar in this book, you will have enough grammar knowledge to be at an intermediate level.



There is no prior knowledge required to use this book, although some experience with the Korean alphabet (한글) is recommended!

Sample Pages: Level One



To make a long story short, this was 100% money well spent.

I was, however, a bit skeptical at first. to my knowledge (based on my studygram, and just general other resources) the company and team that publishes this book (and their other great books) are relatively new. another thing to note is that the company consists of mainly non-native speakers. but don’t steer away just yet, it’s actually incredibly helpful. that was actually the selling point for me. I know roughly 70% of the grammar structures presented in this book, or am at least familiar with them. I didn’t realize that until after purchasing and was a bit sad, but after going through some of them I had found myself gaining a deeper understanding of a few grammar structures. the common mistakes and subtleties catalogs with almost each grammar structure are incredibly helpful.

The “beginner” level grammar structures were also in pretty different places (many being placed in the more advanced or later sections of the book), but for good reason. I noticed that a lot of them were actually structures I was having a hard time fully grasping. in particular, -겠다 , is one that I still do have trouble with despite knowing most of its meanings. it really helped differentiate the appropriate situations and different connotations of the structure.

I can completely and happily recommend this textbook to Korean learners. I do feel that, if you did learn based on TOPIK standards, below mid-intermediate would benefit the most. However, the more advanced learners could at least learn some additional nuances or better differentiate similar structures with this book.


- king hunty

October 6, 2022


Ok my perspective is it really is a great buy...

I have Been self studying for 11 months before I started buying books or decided to take classes. And I must say that even if you buy this book it's not the only one you will purchase because learning comes from multiple sources sometimes through different perspectives.

I have bought from 3 other native Korean speakers and I am also taking basic classes for Korean with a native teacher and I still decided to buy this book. WHY? It answered my questions from a English speakers point of view. It made the Korean perspectives of what I was getting from everything else make sense.


Explanations are clear, they validate why we think how we think but also show us why it doesn't work and how to switch our thinking around from an English perspective to match that of Korean. Things I spent months trying to figure out made sense after reading their material an re-reading my previous materials. So now when I'm on a topic I go between all three books as well as what my teacher has to say........


Well worth it. 회아팅!



February 11, 2023


I began to learn Korean in November 2022. I realized fairly quickly that,

1. I thought Korean was made up of many, many characters/symbols like in Japanese & Chinese, but was really excited to learn that Korean has an actual alphabet in the same way as English does.

2. As I began my attempt to learn Korean, I again realized really quick that I needed to first learn 한글 (Hangul - Korean Alphabet) if I ever wanted to be able to read & write in Korean. I first started to find apps that fit my learning style. Then I went on an Amazon search to find books that would help me with learning Korean. I purchased a few different ones focused on the alphabet, but I also purchased several to help me learn Korean and its grammar.


Needless to say, the search has been much harder than I ever thought it would. The one common thing I found with almost everything is there really isn’t a great format to learn the grammar side of Korean that really makes sense to someone who is a Native English speaker. Then I found Goose Apple Books’ book called “Conversational Korean Grammar.” I’ve been learning with a native Korean teacher for several weeks now and we’ve been using a book she shared to help me with learning Korean. While I’m very lucky to have a very patient teacher as she begins teaching new concepts, the book doesn’t have a lot of practice exercises. Plus the grammar concepts are taught from a Native Korean perspective for English learners of Korean.


Goose Apple’s “Conversational Korean Grammar” is beyond helpful and, for me, a priceless additional to my Korean materials. The way grammar concepts are explained have taken what my Korean teacher and the book we are using and I all of a sudden have that light bulb, “awe-ha” moment where the concepts click.


For example, understanding particles (topic, subject, object). Since these can’t be translated into English (just as the same with our articles a/an/the can’t be into Korean), the way “Conversational Korean Grammar” explains it, really helps me to understand their use and why they are needed in Korean. Ever since I found and began using “Conversational Korean Grammar” as part of my learning journey, I can’t wait until the accompanying workbooks is released. I saw some screenshots of pages for this workbook. I signed up for the newsletter today so that as soon as it’s available I will be purchasing it. My hope is I can pre-order it so I can get it as quickly as possible.


If I could give more than 5 stars for this book, I would. It’s just that good.


- Kristena

March 4, 2023

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