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Writing a Diary

Learn to make your own sentences

With Writing Conversational Korean For Beginners

"My hobby is swimming."

Most language books tell you to write sentences like this.

But what if your hobby is something else?

Learn real, relevant Korean

We're passionate about helping learners write real Korean that's relevant. We give you the tools you need so you can write your own sentences.

제 취미는                                ​ 이에요


My hobby is....



Gentle guidance

We don't throw you in the deep end - we give you lots of gentle guidance along the way.

  • What grammar do I need to use?

  • What vocabulary can I use?

  • How should I structure my sentences?

  • How can I make my sentences natural?

Have these questions answered and more. ​


Effective learning

When you write relevant sentences, you retain more and learn more effectively.

Don't waste time learning vocab and grammar that you'll never need.

With this book, you're focused on learning the language you'll actually use in real life.


Real-world language

All of the chapters in this book are based around real questions that you can take and use in the real world.

What's your favorite season?

Do you prefer cats or dogs?

Have you ever been to Korea?

Learn to answer these questions in your own words.


Plus: beautiful color print

This book is fully color-coded and beautifully illustrated to make your language learning brighter and more enjoyable.



Packed full of useful content 


Apply your knowledge

This book is perfect for people who know a little bit of Korean, but want practice applying their knowledge to the real world.


Understand grammar

We pull apart sentences and break them down into their vocab and grammar. Plus, we explain the grammar forms being used so you can use them yourself.


Get inspired

Get inspiration for your own future Korean conversations. We show example conversations so you can see the language used in context.


Learn culture

You can't learn a language without learning a bit about the culture.

We give relevant culture notes to help you gain a deeper understanding of modern Korean society.

Content for a year

This book is so rich in content, even if you did a page every day it would still last you almost a whole year.

I got two PDFs for beginners: Conversational Korean Grammar and Writing Conversational Korean For Beginners. I use both books simultaneously.
I was so surprisingly shocked by the visuals and details and the teaching approach of the books. The illustrations are beautiful and captivating. Everything is color coded and easier to learn for visual learners like me. The rules are greatly explained. Most importantly the books teach you in such a way to write naturally and you learn how to use complex, connecting sentences from the start.
I used many other textbooks before and my main issue as a beginner that I may know many words but I could never write a cohesive, beautiful paragraph that sounds “smart”. I believe that even beginners should be taught how to write beautifully. And those books teach you that.

Nastya Zhukova

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