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During the making of Writing Conversational Koreanwe asked native speakers to answer writing prompts, and we collected way more answers than we needed. We wanted a place to show all the amazing answers that couldn't fit into Writing Conversational Korean.

So we created this book: The Intermediate Anthology.

There are over 800 examples of native Korean language in The Intermediate Anthology.

Example Pages

Q. 강아지와 고양이 중에 어떤 동물을 선호하세요?
Do you prefer cats or dogs?

A. "고양이가 더 좋아요. 왜냐하면 저는 아주 편파적인 인간이고, 제가 키우는 고양이가 정말 세상에서 제일 귀엽기 때문이에요."
"I like cats more. Because I'm a really biased person, and my cat is seriously the cutest cat in the whole world."

Example Answers

100% Authentic Material

All of the answers in The Intermediate Anthology have been written by real Korean people using real native language.

No focus on language learning, just real people telling their stories the way they want to.

Q. 무엇으로 하루를 시작해요?
What do you do to start your day?

A. "몇년 전만 해도 커피가 싫었는데, 이젠 아이스 아메리카노가 없으면 하루가 허전해요. 얼어 죽을 것 같은 날씨에도 한 손에는 아이스 아메리카노를 쥐고 거리를 돌아다니는 사람이 되었습니다."
"A few years ago I didn't even like coffee, but now my day is empty without my iced americano. I've become one of those people who walks around with an iced americano in hand, even in freezing weather."


Vocab & Culture Explained

Each page is accompanied by footnotes to aid you in your understanding.


Footnotes include:

English definitions for intermediate and advanced vocabulary.

Notes explaining Korean culture.

This saves you from having to look too many things up: just read the story and enjoy!


English Translations Provided

Check your understanding by referencing English translations in the back of the book.

We put much care into ensuring the English translations are as natural and authentic as possible, maintaining the vibe and personality of the original answer.


Who is 'The Intermediate Anthology' for?

The Intermediate Anthology is for people who love to practice Korean through reading, and they are looking for 

examples of authentic Korean material


Can I use this book as a beginner?

Although we recommend this book for intermediate Korean learners, you can use this book as long as you know how to read the Korean alphabet (한글) and know some basic grammar.

Is there an
Advanced Anthology?

Not yet!

After Writing Conversational Korean: Book Three and Writing Conversational Korean: Book Four are complete, we will make The Advanced Anthology.


The Intermediate Anthology [Paperback]


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The Intermediate Anthology [eBook]


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