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Learn to write like a native

With Korean Handwriting: Consonants & Vowels

how well Can you read
Korean handwriting?

With most textbooks, you only ever see Korean written in basic computer fonts.

 This can look very different from Korean when it's written by native speakers.

This book Makes it easy

First: Stroke Order

First you learn the proper stroke order - just how Korean kids learn in school. 

ㄹ standard.png

Then: Style

Once you know the proper stroke order, we show you different ways to write the letter. Including cursive and lazy styles.

ㄹ cursive and lazy.png

What is stroke order?

Korean Stroke Order

'Stroke order' is the order and direction for every line that makes up each consonant and vowel. Each character has at least one official stroke order. Learning the official stroke order from the beginning will establish a strong writing foundation, create good writing habits, and make your handwriting look more natural.

Do people really use stroke order?

Yes, they do. Children are taught the stroke order when they learn to read and write in school. This then becomes ingrained into their individual writing styles. While every person has their own unique handwriting style, and every letter does not have to look exactly the same, generally the stroke order is followed.
That being said, there are exceptions. There are some shortcuts that native speakers use to write more quickly, even if it goes against the official stroke order. In this book, once we've gone over the official stroke order we will show you some of these shortcuts as well.

Do native speakers really follow the stroke order?


All the highlights of what's included in Korean Handwriting: Consonants & Vowels


Easy instructions


Simple tracing exercises


Abundant practice space



Tips and common mistakes


Varied writing styles


Pronunciation guides

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Get Inspired

See the book in action

Love love this book, extremely helpful for beginners and fun. Love how the book was designed for comfortable learning.


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