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What is 'The Anthology'?
During the making of Writing Conversational Korean: Book Two, we asked native Korean speakers 20 different questions and collected over 600 responses. Due to limited space we selected only about 150 of our favourites for the main book.  But we had collected so many other great samples we wanted to include.  

Hence, 'The Anthology' was created: a collection of all the other great writing samples that we wanted to share but unfortunately couldn't fit into 'Writing Conversational Korean: Book Two'. 


In The Anthology: Book Two, you can read over 350 additional writing samples on the following questions:


  1.  제일 좋아하는 명절의 전통이 뭐예요?
    (What's your favourite holiday tradition?)
  2. 가장 좋아하는 운동 방법은 무엇인가요?
    (What is your favourite way to get exercise?)
  3. 지금 사는 곳에서 가장 사랑하는 것은요?
    (What do you love most about where you live now?)
  4. 완벽한 주말을 보내기위한 당신만의 계획은요?
    (What's your plan for a perfect weekend?)
  5. 셀카 찍는 것을 좋아해요?
    (Do you like taking selfies?)
  6. 인생에 대해 진지하게 생각하게 만든 책은 무엇인가요?
    (What book have you read that made you really think about life?)
  7. 당신은 남성 보컬을 선호하나요, 아니면 여성 보컬을 선호하나요?
    (Do you prefer male or female singers' voices?)
  8. 가장 좋아하는 악당이 누구예요?
    (Who is your favorite villain?)
  9. 이제까지 봐온 영화중 가장 최악이였던 영화는 무엇이었나요?
    (What's the worst movie you've ever seen?)
  10. 지금까지 본 드라마 중에 어떤 드라마가 제일 좋았어요?
    (Out of the dramas you've seen, which one is your favorite?)
  11. 절대 먹고 싶지 않은 음식은 무엇인가요?
    (What food will you never eat?)
  12. 어렸을 때는 싫어했지만 어른이 되어서는 좋아하는 음식이 있나요?
    (Are there any foods that you hated as a kid but love now that you're an adult?)
  13. 전 세계 어디에서나 저녁을 먹을 수 있다면 어디에서 드시고 싶은가요? 그 이유는 무엇인가요?
    (If you could eat dinner anywhere in the world, where would it be?)
  14. 다이어트를 해 본 적이 있으세요?
    (Have you ever dieted?)
  15. 공공장소에서 혼자 식사하는 것이 편하세요?
    (Do you feel comfortable eating alone in public?)
  16. 강아지와 고양이 중에 어떤 동물을 선호하세요?
    (Do you prefer cats or dogs?)
  17. 가장 좋아하는 계절은 무엇이예요?
    (What is your favorite season?)
  18. 세상에서 가장 아름다운 도시는요?
    (What is the most beautiful city in the world?)
  19. 당신은 도시형 사람에 더 가깝나요, 아니면 시골형 사람에 더 가까운가요?
    (Do you tend to be more of a city person or a country person?)
  20. 지구온난화가 걱정되시나요?
    (Are you worried about global warming?)


How should I use 'The Anthology'?
The Anthology: Book Two can be read in addition to Writing Conversational Korean: Book Two or as a stand-alone booklet. We recommend you read the writing samples first in Korean, looking up any grammar and vocabulary you are unfamiliar with as you go, and only refer to the translations when you need to.


Note: The Anthology: Book Two is only available on our website in PDF format. 

The Anthology: Book Two

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