Confused by Korean Grammar?

Korean grammar works very differently from English grammar, which makes Korean one of the hardest languages for native English speakers to learn.

But don't worry, we're here to help. ♡

we've been there!

As Korean language learners ourselves, we know the struggle. We've been exactly where you are right now.


In the combined 15+ years we've been studying Korean, and publishing multiple books, we've compiled a lot of knowledge... and it is our joy to share this knowledge with you

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let us guide you

We take time explaining what you need to know, with comprehensiveeasy to understand lessons.

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Simple grammar introduction

Grammar heading

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Example sentences

Conjugation rules

Action verbs, 

descriptive verbs 

and nouns explained

see grammar in use

See conjugation rules and example sentences that show the grammar used in practice.

understand the differences

See contrasts and comparisons between similar grammar forms. Understand their similarities and differences in comparison tables and example sentences.

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Comparison table

Example sentences to illustrate differences

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References to related pages

Common mistake explained

learn common mistakes

See common mistakes that Korean learners make, and how to avoid them.

have your questions answered

With years of teaching and tutoring experience, we know the common questions that learners have.

We can anticipate the questions you have, and answer them in this book.

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Common questions answered

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Practice problems

Upside-down answers

test your understanding

Complete practice exercises to test your understanding of the grammar lesson.

Practice listening

All of the example sentence have accompanying audio tracks spoken my native speakers.


The chapters alternate male and female speakers.

Listen to the tracks to practice your listening skills, or shadow them to improve your speaking skills.

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A Book that Grows with you

This book is split into five levels.

Level One includes only the most essential grammar, but later levels

take what you learned in Level One and builds upon it, expanding and developing your Korean sentences naturally.

If you learn all the grammar in this book, you will have enough grammar knowledge to be at an intermediate level.



There is no prior knowledge required to use this book, although some experience with the Korean alphabet (한글) is recommended!

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